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Message to the Remnant

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Message to the Remnant



The time is now at hand

The sunlight fades away

There is no time to waste

We dare not go astray.


The time of mercy lingers

Repent and fast and pray

Works of the flesh- depart!

Be ready every day.


Trust in God’s loving mercy

Enter in by faith

Our High Priest now is pleading

In the Most Holy Place.


We must be obedient

And do His holy will

We must gain the victory

Abide in His love still.


Let us row with two oars

Faith and works combined

Proceed in holiness

To reach our goal refined.


I see our High Priest Jesus

In the Most Holy Place

The incense fire and smoke

The blood that supplies grace.


I listen to the bells

I hear our Redeemer plead

“My blood, My blood, Oh Father!

My people are in need.”


Messiah crown of purest gold

Fine linen is His robe

It is the great Atonement

Is your lamp aglow?


Scarlet, purple and blue

He bears us on His chest

Sapphire, emerald, topaz

You are His child and blessed


Oh, do not linger longer

The time will pass away

Hurry now to Jesus

He will answer you today.



Annemarie Biondi