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A Revival of Primitive Godliness

Posted Mar 15, 2017 by Adrian Ebens in Everlasting Gospel

I feel myself gingerly walking upon new and untested legs. I am living and breathing in a new world in the light of a grace that I could never have imagined. My eyes slowly open to the beautiful light of the true love of a Father for His wayward children.

But he whose eyes have been opened to see the love of Christ, will behold the character of God as full of love and compassion. God will not appear as a tyrannical, relentless being, but as a father longing to embrace his repenting son. The sinner will cry with the psalmist, “Like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear him” (Psalm 103:13). All despair is swept from the soul when Christ is seen in His true character. {1SM 371.2}

The weight of the lie that every sin must be punished is lifting from my shoulders. I look into my own history and see why anger and frustration are often my experience when people treat me wrongly. The anger comes from the belief that every sin must be punished. This belief causes me to begin to plan some form of retaliation and the retaliation feels justified because every sin must be punished is the mantra that plays over and over in the soul.

The Penalty for Sin - God is not the Author of Death

Posted Mar 12, 2017 by Adrian Ebens in Character of God

In the opening of the great controversy, Satan had declared that the law of God could not be obeyed, that justice was inconsistent with mercyand that, should the law be broken, it would be impossible for the sinner to be pardonedEvery sin must meet its punishment, urged Satanand if God should remit the punishment of sin, He would not be a God of truth and justice. When men broke the law of God, and defied His will, Satan exulted. It was proved, he declared, that the law could not be obeyed; man could not be forgiven. Because he, after his rebellion, had been banished from heaven, Satan claimed that the human race must be forever shut out from God's favor. God could not be just, he urged, and yet show mercy to the sinner.  {DA 761.4} 

Reading the Old Testament Through the New

Posted Mar 10, 2017 by Adrian Ebens in Character of God

From our stand point in history to seek to read the Old Testament outside of the revelation of the New Testament is seeking to approach the Father outside of Christ. This will lead to death. The New Testament gives us the clarity to look into the Old Testament even as the mercy seat gives us the protection we need when approaching the Law of God.  

The Literal Gift of the Holy Spirit on the Sabbath

Posted Jan 30, 2017 by Adrian Ebens in The Sabbath

All heaven was represented to me as beholding and watching upon the Sabbath those who acknowledge the claims of the fourth commandment and are observing the Sabbath. Angels were marking their interest in, and high regard for, this divine institution. Those who sanctified the Lord God in their hearts by a strictly devotional frame of mind, and who sought to improve the sacred hours in keeping the Sabbath to the best of their ability, and to honor God by calling the Sabbath a delight--these the angels were specially blessing with light and health, and special strength was given them. 2T 704,705

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